Sunday, September 6, 2009

my day

2day is my lovely not my birthday though i m happy!
After a hectic week,i enjoy my oni sunday.
i lepak at timesquare and sungei wang,i spent some money on clothes and meals...
i free from my FYP and assigments for this moment.

since i am still enjoying my holiday,i m so lazy to upload picture here.
give me some time,i will be bec...
will u all wait me patiently?

p/s: Qoo,u set ur blog as private?i cnt access it.juz add me there. =)
my email :

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winterbaby said...

wow~~u done ur FYP? omg~~i still rushing...dis friday is submission date!but my reflective essay still blank! i wan go "gai gai" release my stress